Are you looking to plan a new wireless or wifi network? Perhaps your fitting out a new office or helping your clients to locate their wireless access points?

WiFi Planning for OfficesCross Connections is the UK’s Wifi Expert – helping you to survey and plan the most effective wifi network for your building. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we can save you time, prevent unnecessary cost and keep your users working efficiently.

Although we are able to create the most accurate wifi plans through conducting a wireless site survey, sometimes it is impossible to visit a client’s premises. This doesn’t mean you can’t plan your wireless requirements.

Our sophisticated wifi planning tools allow us to predict your future wifi network, based on maps of your buildings, helping you to identify costs upfront and add them into your budget.

Our Wireless Planning helps you:

* Design the most accurate indoor and outdoor wireless network, saving additional time, installation costs, IT complaints and user productivity.

* Minimise wasted costs on unnecessary post-fit out wireless equipment, such as access points, extra cabling and electrical points.

* See the wireless network how your end users will see it, estimating data download and upload speeds to keep users working effectively.

* Identify potential black-spots where your network may drop out.

* Simulate ‘what if’ scenarios before any equipment needs to be purchased.

What does our Wireless Planning consist of?

Wireless Network Analysis* Consultancy – we talk to you about the proposed wireless network requirements, understanding the planned usage and for future capacity and expansion.

* We produce heat-maps overlaid on your building plans (provided or drawn up by ourselves on your behalf). We identify your building materials, placement of equipment and where likely interference and black spots will be likely to occur.

* You will receive a detailed consultancy report, analysing our mapping and producing the best placement of wifi equipment for your premises to ensure the perfect coverage and best signal strength.

* Our report includes a list of all proposed equipment required, identifying the best products for your network.

* We can then pass this onto your team for installation, or you are welcome to work with our Installations Team to install your wireless network.

How much does it cost?

Wireless PlanningOur Wireless Planning depends on the size of the building that we are planning predominantly. Access to digital building plans is also a factor, and the number of potential scenarios required to be planned.

How do I find out more?

A huge part of our work is consultancy – talking to business owners, facilities managers, fit out companies and IT managers about their requirements. Please feel free to contact us on 01962 670 190 or by emailing

Why not click here to find out more about our full Wireless Survey and Planning, see some case studies where we’ve made a big difference to existing networks, or contact us to make an enquiry.