Are you looking for a new wifi or wireless network for your office, school, warehouse or premises? Perhaps you are opening a new office and would like to ensure all stakeholders have access to your wifi? Or maybe you are looking to upgrade your existing wifi to something professional?

Broken-WiFiCross Connections is the UK’s Wifi Expert – helping you to survey and plan the most effective wifi network for your building. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we can save you time, prevent unnecessary cost and keep your users working efficiently.

Our Wireless Surveys help you:

* Design and deploy the most accurate indoor and outdoor wireless networks correctly the first time around, saving time and preventing costly reworking, time wasted and IT complaints.

* Minimise wasted costs on unnecessary extra wireless equipment, such as Access Points, cabling installs and trade time.

* See the wireless network how your end users will see it, estimating data download and upload speeds to ensure your users can carry out their roles.

* Identify interference that may slow down your wifi, and cause complaints from your users.

* Simulate ‘what if’ scenarios before any expense is incurred.

What does a Wireless Survey consist of?

Office Wifi Installers* Consultancy – we talk to you about your wifi and wireless network requirements, understanding your present needs, helping you to plan for any future expansion, and ensuring there is enough spare capacity in your network.

* We conduct a site survey of your premises to identify signal strengths, interference from existing sources which may make your signal weaker or speeds slow, and identifying black spots in your networks.

* We produce a detailed consultancy report, analysing the results of the site survey and helping you to plan your wireless network. This includes the type of equipment needed and its specification, along with the placement of wifi access points in your building).

* We can then pass this onto your existing IT or Facilities Management teams to progress, or our Installation Team can work with you to install your new network.

How do we do it?

* We visit your premises, whether it’s a small office, complete head quarters over many floors or several warehouses.

* We map out plans of your premises, or convert existing plans into our recording systems.

* Using specialised equipment connected to laptop computers, we record and analyse the frequencies that your wireless internet will work on each room of your building.

* We then create heat-maps of your building, showing where there is interference which will reduce the visibility of your network, or cause upload and download speed issues.

How much does it cost?

wireless-site-survey-companyThis is dependent on the size of your buildings predominantly, as this is where most time is taken up – visiting your workplace and walking around taking measurements. This can take anything from one hour to several days.

Your location in the UK is also a factor, as we need to visit you at least once. Although we are very discreet, work can also be carried out in the evenings and weekends when your premises are closed.

How do I find out more?

A huge part of our work is consultancy – talking to business owners, facilities managers, fit out companies and IT managers about their requirements.

Please feel free to contact us on 01962 670 190 or by emailing

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